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Your Company

Avalon’s business know-how and history of success can quickly pinpoint problem areas in your company that need to be addressed. By analyzing every aspect of your business we implement solutions that will give you a competitive edge.

Your Team

Because you rely on your team to reach your goals, we closely analyze your management and staff in terms of job description and effectiveness to determine what improvements can be made. We help clients maximize their team through enhanced hiring, motivational compensation packages and extensive training that results in a customer service driven company.

Your Merchandise

Whether you’re a retailer or wholesaler, go to market with a firm understanding of your sales projections and merchandise planning. Each month Avalon will provide a clear, easy to read plan balanced to your unique sales volume. Based on the sales trends of each department, the plan allows you optimize your inventory with the confidence and peace of mind from knowing it balances your sales volume. Our proven forecasting and deep industry knowledge allows us to project your sales activity based on history, market trends and seasonal fluctuations.

Your Customers

We can help optimize your customer retention as well as adding new customers. Beyond improving your customer’s experience through sales team training, Avalon will review your marketing strategy and provide creative solutions for all budgets. Avalon will help you deliver exciting messages that create interest in your business and move beyond basic advertising.

Whether you are in the planning stages of opening a new business or own an existing company that wants to grow sales, cash flow and profit, we can assist you.

Avalon Consulting is dedicated to the success of retail and wholesale businesses. By providing specific solutions tailored to each unique client, we provide you with the vision and a broad range of tools necessary to create a thriving business.

In addition to our experience and problem solving skills, we use our proprietary open to buy software to forecast sales, optimize inventory levels and manage cash flow; Three of the most important components of a retail or wholesale business.

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