How I went from a stressed, overworked retailer to helping hundreds of retail store owners reach their goals

My first job after college was working for a department store chain where I learned about operations, buying and store management. 

My experience was often trial by fire which gave me plenty of opportunities to learn from my mistakes.   Over time I realized most retailers face the challenges I had.  But there were not a lot of sources for help.  That lead me to start Avalon in 1996 where I learned how small businesses should work.

From these experiences I learned the skills I use to help our clients grow their business and hopefully avoid some of the mistakes I made.

But I couldn't do it without the team

Our talented team knows what it takes to be successful in the evolving retail industry.  We apply our own experience and the knowledge  gained from working with hundreds of retail businesses to the growth of our clients.  Whether you’re starting up, trying to grow more profitable or preparing to pass your business on, we can help you too!

Katie Barton

Retail Consultant

Julia Hays

Retail Consultant

Kelly Grace

Retail Consultant

More From Our Clients

Avalon continues to be a crucial part of my business's success, and I can confidently say I look forward to continue working with Avalon for many years to come!
Lafayette, LA
Retaining Avalon Consulting has been one of the best investments I have made in my business.
Homewood, AL